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  • CSS Grid Heights

    One of the most common bug bears when dealing with CSS grid heights is how we ensure the height of each grid item stays consistent when each item contains varying degrees of content. As an example, below shows basic HTML markup of a row of items. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <ul class="grid"> <li class="item"> <img…

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  • Using CSS Resets

    Many projects are used to using CSS reset rules within their stylesheets as a way of resetting HTML elements to a base set of rules. The resets, which can be found in many boilerplate CSS files along with Normalize ensures that the HTML elements are displayed consistently in browsers, including support for older browsers. Here…

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  • Introduction to Bourbon

    Bourbon is a Sass mixin library that can be used within your web project to help write CSS faster and easier. With the deprecation of Compass, many developers have switched to use this library. This post will provide a brief introduction to Bourbon including how to install it and use the mixins and functions provided…

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