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  • Adding and Removing Media Images Programmatically in Magento 2

    This post will describe the process of adding and removing media images programmatically in Magento 2 using the Magento_Catalog module classes. Usually when developers need to programmatically add and remove product images, it requires a one-off script to be run. Therefore the code shown will reside in a single file that externally bootstraps the Magento…

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  • Fixing the 'wysiwyg is not under storage root path' error in Magento 2

    If the media directory within your Magento 2 application is being used as a symlink, then there is a chance you may have encountered an issue with uploading media images in the admin. The error in question is as follows: /your/symlinked/mediadir/wysiwyg is not under storage root path. This post will describe steps to take in…

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  • Add a Dynamic Route in the Magento 2 Admin

    Many Magento 2 extensions, like blog modules, allow merchants to configure the URL of the page in the admin within the Stores -> Configuration area. Developers can add this functionality by adding a custom Magento 2 Router class allowing the merchant to add a dynamic route in the Magento 2 admin. Below will describe the…

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