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  • Credit Memos and Stock Availability in Magento

    If, like many merchants using Magento, you have configured Magento to manage product stock levels, Magento will automatically return stock to product(s) should a credit memo get created for the product(s) ordered. However, there is a missing feature involving credit memos and stock availability in Magento. If there is only a qty of 1 of…

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  • Removing the Newsletter Queue in Magento

    Occasionally you may wish to remove newsletter posts that have been queued in Magento, either before or whilst the queue is being processed. Removing the newsletter queue in Magento is no easy task, as there isn't an action to do so via the admin interface in Magento. There may be several reasons why you would…

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  • Correcting Wrong Magento Reports

    As a merchant you may view and analyse data in the Magento admin using the in-built reporting tool. If your timezone has recently updated, such as the clocks have gone forward or back an hour, you might find that Magento reports are inaccurate, and data is missing for specific dates. Correcting wrong Magento reports requires…

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