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  • Create a Shell Script to check a Git Repository Status

    This post will describe how to create a shell script to check a git repository status every so often to check for changes. Why would you write something like this? Whilst Git is primarily used to version control files and improve developer's and development team's workflow, it can also be used as a security measure…

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  • Working with Remotes in Git

    In order to collaborate with other users on a Git project, you should have an understanding on working with remotes in Git. Remote repositories are repositories that are hosted externally, most likely on the Internet. There are popular websites that provide this hosting service, such as Github and Bitbucket. Essentially, the idea is that so…

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  • Using gitignore

    A gitignore file is used to specify files that you want Git to intentionally ignore. Using gitignore has several advantages, the main one advantage being that you can prevent sensitive information, such as database credentials or other configuration files, from being accidentally committed. The .gitignore file is usually placed in the working directory, or the…

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