Magento Add Checkout Step

Adding a custom checkout step to Magento’s Onepage checkout is no easy task. It’s important to understand the templates and block classes involved, as well as the JavaScript used to show and hide the relevant steps.
Let’s take a look at the RWD checkout and outline what is already defined.
Firstly, we have six checkout …

Magento Multishipping Checkout

As well as the standard Onepage checkout, the Magento Multishipping checkout is used when customers need to ship their items to multiple addresses.

Multishipping checkout is not available for guests. The registered customers must also have at least one address saved.
Multishipping checkout will be disabled if the shopping cart contains virtual items only.

Magento Checkout Flow

The Magento checkout flow involves templates, block classes and JavaScript to work together in order for the customer to successfully place an order. This article will explain what files are involved and how the checkout works.
To start with, it is worth looking at the checkout.xml layout file within the RWD theme and specifically looking …