Magento adminhtml.xml

Magento adminhtml.xml files are files that contain information about the menu items in Magento admin area. Magento loads the configuration within these files in the __construct() method of the Mage_Admin_Model_Config class.
The key line is where loadModulesConfiguration() is called.
The loadModulesConfiguration() method is also used to load Magento’s config.xml and system.xml files.
So we can …

Magento system.xml

The Magento system.xml files are files that contain configuration information about Magento’s System -> Configuration area. They are located in the same directory as the modules’ config.xml configuration file: in the modules’ etc directory.
So how does the Magento system.xml file get loaded? This controller responsible for loading the System -> Configuration area belongs in …

Magento Admin Custom Grid

Creating a Magento admin custom grid might seem like a difficult task at first. This tutorial will hopefully make things a lot easier for you, and aid you in understanding how Magento grids work.
For this article we will assume that you have set up an area in the Magento admin that you can use …

Adding Magento Install and Upgrade Scripts

This article will demonstrate how to go about adding Magento install and upgrade scripts. Assuming you have read how to add models, resource models and collection, you should be in a good position to add the setup scripts.
Let’s continue with our example store information previously and add data to that.
First of …

Adding Magento Models, Resource Models, Collections

If you are looking to add custom data into Magento, you will need to understand how to go about adding Magento models, resource models, collections and combining them into a custom module.
As an example for the purpose of this article, let’s assume you will be adding a Store Information module.
Assuming you are aware …