Add a Grand Total Condition in Magento

When setting up a Shopping Cart Price Rule in Magento, you can choose to base the condition on which the rule with apply on the subtotal. There are occasions where merchants may want to base the conditions on the final price, or the price that includes the subtraction of any other discounts applied. The code …

Add a Conditions Tab to a Magento Form

The Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules section in the admin contains a tab where you can configure conditions for a rule to apply. You can add a conditions tab to a Magento form as part of custom functionality by following the below steps.
If you’ve followed the posts involving creating an admin grid and form …

Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules

The functionality behind Magento shopping cart price rules is within the Mage_SalesRule module.
Shopping cart price rules can be configured within Magento in the admin under Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules. These rules differ from the catalog rules as they apply to the quote, whereas catalog rules apply to the catalog information about the …

Magento Catalog Price Rules

You may be familiar with setting up Magento Catalog Price Rules in the admin area. But how does Magento save this information behind the scenes? And how does it check to see if a rule is applied and therefore calculate the discount?
There a few tables Magento uses to save rule information.

catalogrule …

Magento Promotions

There are two types of Magento promotions that you can use for customers that are configurable in the admin: Catalog Price Rules and Shopping Cart Price Rules. To configure these rules, Magento provides a Promotions tab in the admin you can navigate to.
Catalog Price Rules
Catalog price rules enable the merchant to specify rules …