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  • Create a Composer Package Locally

    If you're working on a PHP project that uses several Composer packages, you may find yourself needing to create a Composer package locally without submitting it to Packagist or other hosted repositories. To save you from having to create an empty Packagist package and constantly having to update the hosted code, you can start developing…

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  • HTML Forms in Laravel

    To add HTML forms in Laravel, you must install the HTML component. This component is part of a list of components that have been removed from the Laravel core framework. Even though this features have been removed from the main application, they are still maintained meaning that the components can be installed without worrying about…

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  • Modules in Laravel

    In order to write modular applications, a laravel-modules package has been created by nWidart which provides the ability to write modules in Laravel 5, a feature not provided by the framework out of the box. The package is installed via Composer, a few adjustments are made to the Laravel application and then you're ready to…

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