Useful Command Line Commands

Below represents a list of useful command line commands and tricks that you may not know about. Some of them may even turn out to increase your efficiency as a command line user.
Returning to the previous directory
When using the cd command, you can use the – flag to return you to the previous …

Introduction to Vim

A developer’s choice of text editor is usually one that is fairly easy to learn and one that they’re most familiar with. With that said, a lot of users would avoid Vim as it requires a more steep learning curve than other editors. A quick introduction to Vim below will outline the benefits that this …

Basic Unix Commands

Many operating systems such as a Linux are considered ‘Unix-like’ and therefore it’s more than likely that you’ll have to know some basic UNIX commands in order to be proficient at using the command line.
Assuming you are a complete beginner, let’s start with a few commands to get you underway.
Basic Unix Commands – …