The Compass Core Framework

The Compass core framework contains functionality that can be re-used within your CSS project without the need of duplicating code. The code Compass provides includes predefined variables, functions and mixins.
This code comes in the form of support files that Compass provides. These files can then be imported into your project using the @import keyword.

Generate Sprites with Compass

A major benefit using Sass frameworks is the ability to combine multiple images into a single sprite. Here is how to generate sprites with Compass.
If you’ve set up a Compass project, within it, open up the config.rb file and you should see some paths defined.
// config.rb

# Set this to the root …

Using SASS with Compass

If you’ve starting learning SASS basics and are using it within your project, you may want to start using SASS with Compass, a CSS authoring framework.
Compass effectively adds a layer on top of SASS, allowing you to create mixins and sprites with ease, output SASS into compressed CSS and many more features. Sadly Compass …