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  • Converting SVG files to PNG

    Many CMS applications do not allow an .svg as an allowed file type to be uploaded as a media image, such as for the site logo. This post will demonstrate how to go about converting SVG files to PNG format using JavaScript. Firstly, open the SVG file to be converted in a browser and copy…

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  • Create a JavaScript Countdown Timer

    This post will describe how to create a JavaScript countdown timer using a reusable class. The jQuery library is used in this example because of its popularity, however it is very easy to amend the class to just use pure JavaScript. To start with, two of the very basic components needed to implement the timer…

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  • Getting Started with Grunt

    Grunt is a JavaScript task runner used to automate tasks such as minifying assets, compilation and other repetitive tasks. Getting started with Grunt is easy: simply install the CLI, create a package.json and a Gruntfile file, and run the Grunt command. To install the CLI on your machine and allow the use of running the…

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