Adding Custom Attributes to Magento Quotes and Orders

Magento provides some default attributes that are added to the quote and order item data. Here is how to go about adding custom Attributes to Magento quotes and orders.
Whenever you need to access a quote or order item’s SKU, or name, you can do so by using $item->getSku() and $item->getName().
This is because of …

Adding a Customer Attribute in Magento

This article will how to go about adding a customer attribute in Magento.
Similar to the catalog_product entity, Magento uses the EAV model to store customer information. There are two entities involved here: the customer entity and the customer_address entity. These entity types can be found in the eav_entity_type in the database.
The two main …

Adding a Category Attribute in Magento

Magento gives us the ability to add custom attributes into the database, as well as updating existing attributes. This article will demonstrate adding a category attribute in Magento.
For category attributes, there isn’t a nice interface within the admin area like there is for adding product attributes. Usually a developer will have to create a …

Magento Custom Source Model

Magento uses source models as a means of gathering data from either the database or from files, and displaying the data against a specific field. We can also add a Magento custom source model using a custom module. Examples of existing source models in Magento include the following.

catalog/product_status – used for the Status …