Category Thumbnails in Magento

In earlier versions of Magento, there was a category thumbnail attribute that Magento provided so you could add a thumbnail image to a category in the Catalog -> Manage Categories section.

However, as of Magento CE, the thumbnail attribute has disappeared. So where have the category thumbnails in Magento gone?
Looking closer at …

Adding a Category Attribute in Magento

Magento gives us the ability to add custom attributes into the database, as well as updating existing attributes. This article will demonstrate adding a category attribute in Magento.
For category attributes, there isn’t a nice interface within the admin area like there is for adding product attributes. Usually a developer will have to create a …

Magento Category Structure

Within Magento, a merchant has the ability to configure multiple root categories within the admin and add subsequent subcategories beneath these.

If we take a look at these records in the database, we can see that there are actually 5 rows instead of 4 that we would expect.

The first entity ID seems …

Magento Visual Merchandiser

Enterprise/Commerce editions on version 1.14.1 and above are introduced to the Magento Visual Merchandiser tool. This gives the Magento merchant the ability to do the following.

Drag and drop products to change their position in the list.
Feature select SKUs as hero products that appear first in the list.
Create dynamic product lists with …