Adding Custom Attributes to Magento Quotes and Orders

Magento provides some default attributes that are added to the quote and order item data. Here is how to go about adding custom Attributes to Magento quotes and orders.
Whenever you need to access a quote or order item’s SKU, or name, you can do so by using $item->getSku() and $item->getName().
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Viewing Magento Order Emails on your Local Environment

When testing transactional email templates on a Magento store set up on your local machine, without emails set up to send, it can be difficult to view customisations made. A handy way of viewing Magento order emails on your local environment involves terminating the script in which the emails try and send out using PHP’s …

Add Custom Buttons to Order View Pages in Magento

This article demonstrates how to add custom buttons to order view pages in Magento.
Within the order, invoice and shipment view pages in the admin, the orange buttons located at the top are located within a form container template that is rendered by one of Magento’s default form container blocks.

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Magento Credit Memo Creation

Refunds in Magento are created in the form of Credit Memos. Magento credit memo creation occurs within the Sales -> Orders section of the admin area and choosing an order to edit.
Similar to the invoice and shipment buttons in this area, the __construct() method of the Mage_Adminhtml_Sales_Order_View class determines whether the button should get …

Magento Shipment Creation

Magento shipment creation occurs when a merchant, in the Magento admin, heads to Sales -> Orders, selecting an order and clicking the Ship button.
The Ship button can be seen or not seen due to the following code in the Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Sales_Order_View class.
The canShip() method belongs in the main sales order model.
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Magento Invoice Creation

Magento invoice creation is a feature in Magento whereby an invoice can be generated either by a payment being captured online or offline.
Capturing offline is simply generating the invoice via the admin panel. Within the admin area, by clicking on an order that hasn’t been invoiced yet in Sales -> Orders, an Invoice button …

Magento Admin Order Creation

As well as customers placing an order and going through the checkout, the Magento merchant has the ability to create orders in the admin area in the Sales -> Orders section.
You are then presented with a screen to choose a customer to associate the order to. The next step is then to specify the …

Magento Order Workflow

An overview of the Magento order workflow can be described by viewing the following steps below.
1. The customer places an order through the checkout, receives a confirmation email and a link to their account (if they registered). A record of the order gets saved within the Magento admin under Sales -> Orders.
2. Before …