Magento Multishipping Checkout

As well as the standard Onepage checkout, the Magento Multishipping checkout is used when customers need to ship their items to multiple addresses.

Multishipping checkout is not available for guests. The registered customers must also have at least one address saved.
Multishipping checkout will be disabled if the shopping cart contains virtual items only.

Add a Custom Shipping Method in Magento

Magento provides us with in-built shipping methods to use. This article will show you how add a custom shipping method in Magento 1.
Let’s take a look at how Magento currently configures its shipping methods. The configuration belongs within the Mage_Shipping module’s config.xml file.
As seen above, shipping methods are found under the carriers tags. …

Magento Shipping Methods

There are several Magento shipping methods that you can configure within the admin to use on the shipping method step of the checkout. The shipping methods on both Community/Open Source and Enterprise/Commerce editions can be seen below.

Flat Rate
Table Rates
Free Shipping

It is worth noting that the …