Magento Shipping Methods

There are several Magento shipping methods that you can configure within the admin to use on the shipping method step of the checkout. The shipping methods on both Community/Open Source and Enterprise/Commerce editions can be seen below.

  • Flat Rate
  • Table Rates
  • Free Shipping
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

It is worth noting that the Magento shipping method costs can be adjusted on default config and website scope only store scopes. Store view scope will only allow you to change titles and descriptions of those shipping methods.

Flat rate – This is just a standard shipping option and is the first option you’ll see when in the Shipping Methods configuration area. You can set the following options.

  • Title – This sits above the method name and amount on the checkout step
  • Method Name – This sits underneath the title and to the left of the amount on the checkout page. Usually this contains a short description of the shipping method.
  • Type – Specify if the rate should be applied per order, per item or none.
  • Handling fee – Apply a handling fee.
  • Applicable Countries – Choose the countries that are allowed to choose this shipping method
  • Error Message – If the shipping method is unavailable, you can alter the error message shown to the customer.
  • Sort Order – The order if which the shipping methods show on the checkout step.

Table Rates – Allow you to import shipping rates into Magento via a .csv spreadsheet. The table rate shipping method lets you set up a table to calculate shipping rates for a combination of conditions. The shipping rate can be based on the following: Price vs Destination, Weight vs Destination and # of Items vs Destination.

Price vs Destination – Rates based on the order subtotal.

Weight vs Destination – Rates based on the order weight.

Items vs Destination – Rates based on number of items per order.

It should be noted that you can only import/export the .csv on the website scope only. The import and export buttons do not appear on any other scope.

Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation – As virtual products do not get shipped (i.e. have no weight), this setting only applies to Price vs Destination and # of Items vs Destination.

Free Shipping – A free shipping method that has a minimum amount field you can set for this shipping rate to appear.

UPS – To offer this shipping method, you must create a UPS account.

Gateway URL – calculates the UPS shipping rates, and usually this field to preset so there is no need to change it.

You can set the UPS Type to United Parcel Service XML. If you choose this option, you will asked to specify your UPS User ID and Access Licence Number.

USPS – This is a postal service specific to the United States. You need to obtain a USPS account and add your User ID into Magento.

FedEx – You need to sign up to a FedEx account to use this shipping method. When you have done so, you need to enter your Account ID, Meter Number, Key and Password.

DHL – You need to sign up to a DHL account to use this shipping method. When you have done so, you will need to add in your Access ID, Password and Account Number.

Note: This article is based on Magento Community/Open Source version 1.9 and Magento Enterprise/Commerce version 1.13.