Importing and Exporting Databases in MAMP

When using MAMP and the phpMyAdmin interface provided, there may be times when you struggle to import and export large databases, perhaps due to timeout issues. Importing and Exporting Databases in MAMP using a command line interface will eradicate any problems with large database files.
MAMP provides mysql and mysqldump executable files within the Applications/MAMP/Library/bin …

Private Repositories using Satis with MAMP

It might be common for developers to host their own private packages for projects without having to submit them to popular public websites such as Packagist. Here’s how to set up private repositories using Satis with MAMP, for local testing.
As per the Composer documentation, you can install Satis via command line.
From your home …

Fixing MySQL Gone Away Errors in MAMP 4

If you are a regular MAMP user then you are probably familiar with coming across issues that crop up with MySQL, particularly the classic #2006 – MySQL server has gone away that appears even when MAMP suggests the MySQL service is still running. Fixing MySQL gone away errors in MAMP 4 can be achieved by …

Set up a Self-signed Certificate in MAMP

There are occasions where certain pieces of development work require an SSL connection on your local environment in order to test the code. Examples of this might be testing payment integrations with a specific payment provider. This is where you’ll need to set up a self-signed certificate in MAMP. Here is how you do so …

Website Setup with MAMP 4

MAMP is a software solution that allows you to set up a local server environment on your computer. This post will demonstrate a simple guide on how to go about a website setup with MAMP 4, the latest version.
If you haven’t already, download the MAMP application from and run through the setup wizard.