Correcting Wrong Magento Reports

As a merchant you may view and analyse data in the Magento admin using the in-built reporting tool. If your timezone has recently updated, such as the clocks have gone forward or back an hour, you might find that Magento reports are inaccurate, and data is missing for specific dates. Correcting wrong Magento reports requires a simple fix.

When heading into a report within the admin under the Reports menu item, for example in the Sales -> Orders report, a key notice should be displayed near the top of the page.

Correcting Wrong Magento Reports

As the message suggests, the Lifetime Statistics need to be updated.

This is not resolved by clicking on the message just below the initial timezone notice that reads: To refresh last day's statistics, click here..

Lifetime statistics can be refreshed by heading to Reports -> Refresh Statistics in the admin and choosing the reports you want refreshing. Next, on the same page, change the Actions dropdown to Refresh Lifetime Statistics and click Refresh.

Depending on how much data you’ve got in your Magento system will depend on the time it takes for the statistics to refresh. It shouldn’t take a huge amount of time, and when complete, your reports should be back to normal.

This should resolve most of the reporting issues, especially if issues have only started occurring since a change in your timezone change. If this is the case, then thankfully you won’t have to perform this fix very often throughout the year.

Note: This article is based on Magento Community/Open Source version 1.9.