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  • Removing Site Links from Google

    On rare occasions, you might accidentally submit web pages to be indexed in Google search results when you weren't supposed to. There are both temporary and permanent measures to removing site links from Google if this happens. Assuming that you've signed up to Google Search Console and verified your website, you'll be able to use…

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  • Create Google AMP Pages

    The AMP Project aims to create high performing websites that are consistently fast on different devices. To create Google AMP pages for your website requires knowledge on the components the AMP project provides, as well as its limitations or adjustments you may need to make to your pages in order to create a valid AMP…

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  • Adding Google reCAPTCHA to Websites

    Adding Google reCAPTCHA to websites has never been easier, but why is it needed in the first place? CAPTCHAs are becoming an increasingly popular component of web forms to stop robots from automatically submitting forms filled with spam-like content. More recently, Google have developed their own version, reCAPTCHA, which unlike other CAPTCHAs, doesn't require you…

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