Maintenance Page Customisations in Magento 2

Maintenance mode in Magento has been a part of the application for many years and is easy to enable/disable by adding and removing a maintenance flag file.
The message that we’ve become accustomed to over the years in regards to maintenance will look something like the below.
Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily …

Magento 2 Theme Development Part 4

Welcome to Magento 2 Theme Development Part 4. Continuing on from development changes to our custom theme, we’ll be looking at adding a new container to the page templates.
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In Magento 1 versions, you had structural blocks that defined the structure of the page. The main blocks involved included header, footer, …

Magento 2 Theme Development Part 3

Welcome to Magento 2 Theme Development Part 3. Continuing on with developing our custom theme, we’ll specifically look at making changes on the product page.
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When the RWD Magento theme was introduces in CE version 1.9, product tabs were added near of the bottom of the product page.

This gave …

Magento 2 Theme Development Part 2

Welcome to Magento 2 Theme Development Part 2. In this article, we look at continuing to edit our custom theme, including adding a static block, overriding and setting pages to use different templates.
From the first post of the theme development series, we added some text within a new template file that sat just underneath …

Magento 2 Theme Development

Welcome to the first part of the Magento 2 Theme Development series. This series will aim to assist developers in making several frontend development changes to a custom theme. The custom theme being created and used will be a child theme of the Magento/blank theme.
Note: If you haven’t already done so, set your store …

Create a Theme in Magento 2

Magento 2 Create Theme
Since the release of Magento 2, one of the first things developers look to do is to find out how to create a theme. As the directory structure and the admin interface is significantly different to Magento 1, it can be difficult to locate exactly where to modify the theme configuration.