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  • Integrating WordPress with Magento 2

    Magento has a history of not being a good content manager, and therefore many merchants look to WordPress to hold blog posts and other CMS pages. Considering the merchant still wants to use Magento has the ecommerce system, this leads to developers looking at integrating WordPress with Magento 2. Although this might sound like a…

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  • Create a WordPress Plugin

    WordPress allows you to add and modify custom functionality via the use of plugins. Plugins are used to prevent developers who modifying core code, which may be lost when updating WordPress to a newer version. Note that to create a WordPress plugin requires some experience of the PHP programming language. To start with, plugins in…

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  • Moving wp-config.php from the WordPress Root

    A common security practice is the moving of the wp-config.php WordPress database configuration file. Moving wp-config.php from the WordPress root up a directory seems to be the most common approach. However, there are arguments for and against doing this. Let's assume that you have a single installation of WordPress located in the following directory. [html]…

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